8 days!!!


Lots and lots of water!!

So this has become my absolute best friend over the past eight days! I have to drink 4 of these a day because I have to drink half of my body weight in water…so by the end of day I hate water haha…

The past 8 days have been pretty stellar! I’m starting to feel better!! I haven’t craved anything like junk which really surprises me because I really like junk food. I mean last night at small group there were brownies and stuff and I wasn’t jumping all over myself because “I couldn’t have one”….I was actually to the point where “I didn’t want one”!


I love my shoes!!!

I have worn these shoes more in the past 8 days than I have the entire time I have owned them! I am so glad that we invested in them because my feet don’t bother me anymore when I go workout and that was part of the reason I didn’t like working out…other than the working out part haha! So yeah!!

Advocare is not nearly as bad as I thought the Whole30 was. I think the Whole30 works for some people and not some other people. I like Advocare because it works for my life. It works for the busyness that my life has become and it doesn’t restrict me from so much. Yes I am restricted the first 10 days, but what’s 10 days! So yeah! This has been my 8 days of the 24 day challenge!


The past 4 days


So I’m horrible at blogging, so this will not be something I do everyday…so if anybody reads this..you’ll just have to be in suspense until my next blog (unless I update facebook about it)! 

Tuesday morning started day 1 of my Advocare 24 day challenge journey! This is the day where everything starts off and I’m completely into it 100%, so not really a lot to report on day 1! Lots of water, veggies, chicken, turkey, fruit, FIBER DRINK, and SPARK!!! Spark is amazing! I keep saying stuff about it on fb…maybe in the next blog I will elaborate more on the wonderful powder drink that when 8oz of water is added is magic!! Let’s just say that day 1 was the day that our house started staying clean…all the time! Lots of energy, no cravings…no wanting to give it up!!! So day 1 was good!

Wednesday morning was really interesting! Apparently my body was pretty stoked about getting up at 5:30 to go the gym because I woke up at 3 and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up at 3:30! I drank Spark at 4:20, ate a little breakfast about 5, and got my sweet husband out of bed and we went to the gym!! We walked the track for a mile and then I did half a mile on the elliptical and Phillip did over a mile, almost 2 on the bike. Sooooo…I totally could have stayed up, but a few days before I had decided to stay with my sweet 3 week old nephew all night (his first sleep over…I’m so glad that it was with me) so his sweet mommy and daddy could sleep! So I took a 3 hour nap! Got up, fixed mine and Phillip’s lunch…went and ate with him and then went to the “Health and Wellness Center” (our gym) for a wellness thing they were doing, where we got some pretty rocking t-shirts!! I’ll totally share a picture with you when we wear them!!

Wednesday night was good. Eli slept from 10:30ish, to 1:45ish…I fed him a bottle, changed his diaper, he finished off his bottle, and I put him back down. When I left at 5:07 (as far as I know) he was still snoozing away for his mommy!! I was so tired (just because I slept on a couch that wasn’t very comfy…) that on my way home I decided that I wanted a biscuit. Only problem is that Phillip and I are trying to save money and get out of debt, so we are practicing using cash…guess who left home without money? Yeah that would be me! Oh and also, biscuits aren’t on my challenge, so yeah! If it wasn’t for Angie (my awesome coach, Friend, and neighbor) I might have come on home, woke up Phillip, and we would have gone to get a biscuit, but I have this thing about myself that I don’t like disappointing people in my life..especially people who believe in me…so I came home..talked to Phillip a little bit and then I went back to sleep!! Got up on Thursday and drank a Spark…that ended Wednesday…which leads us into…

Yesterday (Thursday)…Thursday was good! Spark, fiber drink, lots of water, fruit, veggies…pork chops, mushrooms, green peppers! We had ground turkey and a lot of veggies mixed in last night!! Last night I wanted a chocolate chip cookie and some milk! We had a thing to go to that Phillip had to do for work and of course there was food…cheese especially. I didn’t go near the table, but the stuff was around me when people came into the auditorium! I haven’t had any cravings until I get tired of water (which is after I usually drink all the water I’m suppose to and I don’t want anymore haha)! I only wanted the cheese because I saw someone else eating it! So, so far Advocare is about a million times better for me than the stupid Whole30 was! Phillip is doing it and he’s a rock star at it! Me? Not so much!

So the thing with Advocare is that you do a 10 day cleanse. I get up in the mornings and drink Spark (it’s the energy drink that is nothing like monsters or nos), wait 30 minutes and then on days 1-3 I drink a fiber drink (that is incredibly gross) and eat whatever for breakfast. Then I eat 4 other times in the day and drink tons and tons of water. The max phase is the last 14 days of the challenge. I can add back in beef and other things, but I may not go over board! I will not be adding back in sugar of any kind (unless it’s a special occasion) or starchy white foods IE: potatoes, white bread, rice, etc…

So that’s where I am right now! Today (Friday) has been good so far. I’ve eaten 3 times and had almost all the water I’m suppose to have (you’re suppose to drink 1/2 of your body weight) and I’ll probably drink more! Towels are clean, blankets and stuff are clean, the kitchen is clean! One of the best parts of today was when I told Angie how much weight I’ve lost (I’m keeping everybody else in the dark until after I’m done) and she said the following to me in a text reply, “Get it girl!!! That’s great!!! You are rocking it!!!” That’s what keeps me going is the support of an awesome friend! So yeah!! That’s all…:)

Why am I an Auburn fan?


Auburn football is not the reason that I am a fan of Auburn University. I am not a fan because it’s been ingrained in me to be one. I am not a fan because my husband works for the University. I am not a fan because it’s something to do….

I’m a fan because where else can you meet with 87,000 other people who have the same goal as you for 12 Saturdays starting in August? I’m a fan because of kids like Tre Mason, Nick Marshall, Gabe Wright, Dee Ford, Johnathan Wallace, Sammie Coats, and Cory Grant. I’m a fan because of coaches like Gus Malzhan. Auburn men who not only believe in Auburn and love it, but MEN who believe in themselves and their beliefs. Men who take time out of their busy schedules to take up with kids who don’t have a positive influence in their lives. Men who take up time with their teammates and encourage each other every day!

I am an Auburn fan because of the traditions! Where else can you find toilet paper covering an entire corner after a win of a sports team other than Auburn? Nowhere besides Auburn does that as far as I know. I can’t wait until Phillip and I have kids and we are able to share in the traditions of Auburn. What other place has beloved Eagles that sore over their stadium to the War Eagle cry of 87,000 people? Nowhere besides Auburn. Who has the best dang band in the country who supports their team until the very end of the game and week in and week out screams just as loud as any other section of the football field? (not that I’ve ever sat with another band) but Auburn’s is the best!

Let me make one thing clear. Am I disappointed about the loss on Monday night? Yeah! BUT…this is the thing that bothers me the most…that makes me want to cry every time I think about it. Tre Mason said he felt like he let us, the Auburn family down. This one statement has bothered me, but not for the reason you might think. Tre Mason, nor the rest of the Tigers disappointed me at all this year! They showed up, they played, and they made me happy to be cheering for them. I’m not disappointed that we lost and didn’t bring home the championship, I’m upset because the team is upset. What most people don’t understand is that Auburn is a family. Do families always get along? No, but they support each other when the going gets tough. Last year was a testimony to the support. 3-9 is terrible…it’s something no team should ever have to go through, but we went through it. We endured all the criticism that came from last year. We endured all the discrimination thrown at us this season, all the non believers. We not only beat Alabama (that will never get old), but we went to the National Championship where we lost by 3 points….3!

So to Gus and the rest of the Tigers I only have this to say….Thank you! Thank you for giving the Auburn family hope! Thank you for giving us something to look forward to next year. Thank you for not only going to a bowl game, but the biggest bowl game there is and only losing by 3! Thank you for never losing heart and for being the team that we, the Auburn family know you can be. The team we love, the team we cheer for, and the team we support. Hold your heads up because I’ve got a feeling…next year is going to be more amazing!!!

War Eagle!!!

The Auburn Creed

I don’t mean to brag…


Okay so I do! 

Today was day 11 and if you know anything or have followed my posts….this is a milestone for us..especially me. The first Whole30 I made it to day 11 and ate crap for a friends birthday so there went that one and plus I got sick…so then the last one we made it to day 11 and we both just got sick of doing it, plus it was getting expensive (yes Chris Watts, I know…)…but today…TODAY WE PASSED 11..okay really that’s tomorrow…but still!

I am so unbelievably proud of Phillip and myself! We have done this and not once have we threatened to quit, not once have we pitched a fit for a piece of pizza, a piece of chocolate, or even a coke. We might not like what we eat all the time (mainly because we are experimenting), but we have done it and by my standards we’ve rocked at doing it.

I can feel a slight difference. I can tell that my face is clearing up and I’m sleeping a great deal better at night (now if I could just get to bed early…we’d be set). I’ve noticed I’m starting to gain more energy…slowly, but it is coming. Haven’t had any headaches except for one this morning, but I think that’s because I slept funny last night. As soon as I got good and awake and moved around a little bit the headache went away, so I’m starting to feel better. No aches, no pains and I was living with that almost chronic (at least it had started that way).

We are almost half way through and the funny part is day 31 (which is when we can start adding stuff back in) is the first game of the season!! It will be August 31st…Auburn vs Washington St. Now that will be the true test. If we go nuts and just add every thing back in at once, or if we will be good and take it easy that day. Add stuff back in gradually the way we are suppose to…see that will be where the will power will have to come into focus…

So on day 11 I am about to go to bed and when I wake up it’ll be day 12. It will not only be day 12, but Monday too! Hopefully we’ll go walking tomorrow after work and I do have to say that has become my most favorite part of the day. It’s when Phillip and I have been on campus and nobody else has been (but thanks to this thing called Fall semester all the heathens..I mean college kids are back in town) out and we’ve just talked and had a good time while walking. A couple nights we checked out the Wellness Center that is Auburn’s new gym and it’s massive!! We are excited for next Monday (the 19th) to get here because that’s the grand opening!!! We’ll be able to get our work out on then!!! 

So here’s to day 12…let’s hope some good can come of it!!

Our Life List (almost a bucket list, but not quite)


So we are making dreams…dreams that will eventually come true. A list of things that we want to strive to do…to keep us motivated…to keep us living! (this necessarily doesn’t mean it’s in the order that I’m listing them)

1) Have a baby(ies)

2) Buy a house

3) Get out of debt

4) Buy a new car (a honda pilot)

5) See snow on Christmas (even if that means going somewhere)

6) Take a trip out of the continental United States

7) Ride in a hot air balloon

8) Take a road trip around the United States

9) Start a successful business

10) Befriend someone I (we) don’t like

11) Conquer something that terrifies us

12) Stop biting my nails

13) Turn the man cave into a working space/keep it clean for a year

14) Take a picture everyday for a year

15) Get to our desired weight and stay there

16) Conquer a Whole30…not just get by

17) Read a new book every week for a year

18) Write for National Novel Writing Month and get through it

19) Color outside the lines

20) Take my time, smell the roses, stop speeding through life

21) Make some mead

22) Go without a coke for an entire year

23) Run a 5k

24) Compete in a bike race

25) Make a movie

26) Make a full length music album

27) Be in 4 places at once

28) See Wicked and Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

29) Go to comic con/dragon con

30) Make an Adventure book

I didn’t realize


So today Phillip and I almost just stopped! We almost gave up and if you know Phillip and myself you know we are not quitters! It all started at Lee County Lake! P has gotten the fishing bug and while I like to fish I don’t have the patience for it! My favorite part of fishing is either reeling in the fish or casting! Either way today was a total flop!

We both got really aggravated because we weren’t catching anything, I got really irritated bc my line got all tangled up, and P? Well P got upset bc the new lure he got to product test got caught in some weeds or something and he lost it (yeah I’d be mad too)!

Anyway we decided to go to Kroger to grocery shop and just before we got there we decided that 1) we just can’t afford to eat the way we want to and 2) we were tired of it and we were done! Keep in mind today is day 12, that means that there is only 18 more days!

I for one was happy! This meant that I could go back to eating bread, peanut butter, ice cream, coke!!!!!! Then once inside Kroger I got to thinking! If we don’t follow through with this then that means I get to take medicine everyday for the rest of my life!

That’s not something I’m willing to have in my life! I don’t want to have to worry about PCOS, diabetes, heart attack, cancer, aches and pains! I don’t want my children to see me take medicine everyday and to think that it’s normal! That shouldn’t be normal!

I want to actually have children! I don’t want to have to keep trying so hard at life! So I decided we weren’t giving up! That doesn’t mean that there won’t be another day in the next 18 days where I won’t feel like giving up, it just means ill be stronger when I come out the other side and won’t have “cheated”!

So I didn’t really realize what the Whole30 meant until today!! It means a happier, healthier Hilary! It means that one day I’ll be around for my children, and it means that I’ll be a lot stronger and way tougher than I am now!! Trust me…it means a lot more than ice cream and coke could ever mean….

It means my life!!!

Day 9


We just went for a walk and surprisingly I’m not worn out! So this whole 30 thing has to be working!!

Let me reiterate that this is NOT A DIET!! It’s not a cleanse, well kinda sorta!! But this is the thing, Phillip and I aren’t doing this to lose weight! If it happens, good! This is a step in that direction though. It helps us to see what food is actually doing to our bodies! I can tell you this! We are on day 9 and I haven’t had my Metphormine since day 2 (the only reason I’m not taking it is because it made me feel like my sugar was going to drop)! So yeah!!

Kale chips have become my best friend, but don’t get me wrong. I still want cake!! I want a coke still…but it is getting easier not to have that stuff! I know it doesn’t seem that way sometimes…but I am in the phase of boundless energy, now give me a dang twinkie!! Oh and it doesn’t help that today was one of my bosses birthday so there were cupcakes on the table…oh and trust me I almost ate one…but my conscience got the best of me, so I just drank a ton of water!!

July 4th can’t get here fast enough!!